New Monuments

Please call Tim A. Daigle at (617) 650-6161 to schedule an appointment or to answer any questions you may have.
In the Greater Boston area, there are typically 2 sizes. We are familiar with most cemeteries, so please give us a call with any questions or concerns.

Single (burial for 2)

  • 2′ wide x 3′ high
  • base: 2′ x 1′ x 08″ or 10″
  • top : 20”w x 28”h x 8”d

Double (burial for 4)

  • 3′ wide x 3′ high
  • base: 3′ x 1′ x 08″ or 10″
  • top : 30”w x 28”h x 8”d

Polishing & Additional Options

The top piece of the monument has 5 visible sides (front, back, left, right & top). Standard pricing includes polish front and back only. Additional charges apply for polishing the other three sides.

Small matching vases available for $200.00 each plus tax. Vases are installed at the same time as the monument and come in the same color as the granite.

A Cameo photo of your loved one can be made and attached to your new monument. We can adhere it to the stone for $400 or recess it into the stone for $600 plus tax.

A Laser Etching of a photo can be etched permanently into the stone starting at $750 plus tax. Etching is best done on dark-colored granite.

Our Process

A drawing to scale will be emailed or mailed to you with your contract. Standard monuments are set within 8 weeks of receiving the deposit. (Excluding winter and excessive inclement weather).

Deposits are 66% of the total monument cost plus cemetery fees. Balance will be due after the monument is set. We will email or mail you a photo of the monument once it is in place.

Note:  The cemetery foundation needs to be completed before we can set the stone.  The fees and time frames vary by cemetery – give us a call 617-650-6161 – we are familiar with most of the Greater Boston Area cemeteries.


Below are the most common pricing scenarios; please give contact us to discuss your specific needs.

*Pricing does NOT include 6.25% state tax or cemetery foundation fees. Prices are subject to change without notice.

GraySingle 2×3Front/BackNone$2850.00++
GraySingle 2×3Front/BackShape Carved Flowers$3600.00++
MahoganySingle 2×3Front/BackNone$3050.00++
MahoganySingle 2×3Front/BackShape Carved Flowers$3800.00++
Mountain RoseSingle 2×3Front/BackNone$3050.00++
Mountain RoseSingle 2×3Front/BackShape Carved Flowers$3800.00++
BlackSingle 2×3Front/BackNone$3300.00++
BlackSingle 2×3Front/BackShape Carved Flowers$4050.00++
India RedSingle 2×3Front/BackNone$3600.00++
India RedSingle 2×3Front/BackShape Carved Flowers$4350.00++


GrayDouble 3×3Front/BackNone$3800.00++
GrayDouble 3×3Front/BackShape Carved Flowers$4550.00++
MahoganyDouble 3×3Front/BackNone$4050.00++
MahoganyDouble 3×3Front/BackShape Carved Flowers$4800.00++
Mountain RoseDouble 3×3Front/BackNone$4050.00++
Mountain RoseDouble 3×3Front/BackShape Carved Flowers$4800.00++
BlackDouble 3×3Front/BackNone$4250.00++
BlackDouble 3×3Front/BackShape Carved Flowers$5000.00++
India RedDouble 3×3Front/BackNone$4550.00++
India RedDouble 3×3Front/BackShape Carved Flowers$5350.00++

For more images, please click here to visit our PHOTO GALLERY