Feel free to call Tim A. Daigle at 617-650-6161 to order your cemetery lettering or fill out the short form below and we will get back to you quickly with pricing and a contract.

Once we mail or email you a contract,


Once we have received the signed contract with full payment the next steps are:

  • We drive to your monument and take an impression of what is there currently so we can match the existing text.
  • We make sure that the information you wish to add, matches up with the format of the existing monument.
  • We cut the rubber stencil at our shop to match the letter size, style and format of the existing information on the monument.
  • We drive to your monument a second time and sandblast the new information onto the stone
  • We take a picture of the completed work and email or mail it to you.
After we receive full payment, work is typically completed within 8 weeks. Engravings cannot be done in the winter or when the temperature is not a minimum of 45 degrees all day. Also, cemetery lettering cannot be done on rainy days because the rubber stencil will not adhere to the granite when it’s cold or wet.


$300.00 setup fee which includes adding a 4 digit year ( for example: 2011 )

Each additional letter or number is $15.00 each